Buttocks In Excelsis Deo

buttocks i am in love.

buttocks i am dismayed at the way no one

honours you

buttocks i will honour you

buttocks if i can be of service

buttocks i can hear you calling

from the dark places

beneath the rear pockets


there is nothing more poetic than buttocks. you put

poetry to shame. you can barely be uttered

in the same sentence but i

am uttering you: poetry

and buttocks, consider yourselves uttered

in the same sentence


buttocks disregard the

shame and the insane demands

put on you; i am here to

shelter you in the soft cup

of my palm i am here to

pluck you out of obscurity

i am listening buttocks

say what you need to say

i will be true i will hold

you in the hands of my soul

burning soul hands

wrapped around your soft music

and listening to every

whisper and giggle i will

be true; i will be

your student and your muse, i will trumpet

your great works from the

deck of every ship and i

will pay your insane rent the

obscene rent you owe the world

anything to repair

the hidden glory of your name.


buttocks you will outlive me.

buttocks you will live to see

the end of industry. buttocks

the energy you give me could

power the hallways of nations you are

the world’s secret sustainable

fuel resource buttocks

when will we be worthy of you?

while i wash the dishes

in your kitchen it is

you who will save us from

our very selves


buttocks at

the end of the world glowing

in a quiet golden light


buttocks has anyone ever

told you how perfect it is

that there are two of you?

point and counterpoint,

perfect dance partners,

dialectical discourse, sun and

moon of my senses please

buttocks accept this humble

tribute bounced in your

direction please do not hide

or mince words with me

i am here to make you

dinner i am here to drive you

to the airport for your

regular dates with God

i am here to be your man.


buttocks incarnate!

holy life-giving buttocks!

buttocks the secret flame

of electricity!

buttocks in excelsis deo!

buttocks can i tell you some

of what’s been troubling me?


i keep having this vision

of all of you, vast acres of you buttocks

lined up along one horizon

and all the minds who

through weakness, design

or stupidity

are determined to annihilate

the earth

lined up along the other

the tension is unbearable

and i know it can’t

end well


on the last day, in the

inevitable last day of mess

in the holocaust dawn there

will still be you buttocks

face up or face down

in the mud.