Demon Squadron


The roots roller-coaster band Demon Squadron is the engine behind Jack Garton’s songs. Formed in 2013 and named after Garton’s grandfather’s special ops flight squadron in WWII, the band is a highly-trained crew of Vancouver’s most unique musical talent. From rockabilly to rocksteady, country to cajun, every show is roots music mayhem executed with classic showmanship and wry humour. While touring Western Canada, Washington State and Alaska, the Squadron has been honoured to serve on festival main stages, concert halls, theatres, clubs and cook-outs. It’s all in the line of duty for BC’s rambling servicemen and women as they continue to wage Garton’s campaigns of heavy honesty and devastating joy throughout the region.

Gen. Jack Garton – accordion/trumpet/songs/strategy
M Gen.  Amrit Basi – Drums
Br. Gen.  Brendon Hartley – Bass
Lt. Adam Farnsworth – keys
Col. Steven Drake – lap steel
M. Sage Trampleasure – violin

…and introducing the Demon Squadron’s newest member, Joel Fernandes on the electric guitar! (photo by Jodie Ponto)

2016 saw the release of a new album, “Move the Mess Around”, produced by Garton and Steven Drake. Their follow-up album is set to be released early 2018.

Full Jack Garton Bio HERE


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